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Jump Rope for Heart

During the week of February 26 – March 2, we will be having our annual Jump Rope for Heart event at Rustburg Elementary School.  The children will be participating during their GYM class.  We are extending an invitation to any parent or grandparent who would like to come join the festivities.  Contact Mrs. Wooldridge for more details.

The students are currently collecting donations from family and friends via envelopes, e-mails and/or mobile app.  Please give generously because heart disease and stroke are the number one killers in America.  Last year we raised $10,000!  This year we want to reach $11,000!  What an honor it is to work in such a generous and giving community and thanks for your support! 


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As a reminder, when visiting the school, please have your driver’s license or other form of
government issued ID with you. It is now required for each visit, to check students in and
out of school, and/or to obtain a visitor’s pass.


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Our students LOVE to READ!

Please help by sending in gently used age-appropriate books!

Thank you for supporting this effort!

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We are so glad to have you as part of our RES family!

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