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Lisa Lowes


All About Our Program 

Welcome to Rustburg Elementary School! You will find our school to be strongly committed to children and their families. Part of this commitment involves providing special support services through the Counseling Program.

The goal of this program is to assist students in reaching their potential .This is done by working closely with students, teachers and parents throughout their educational experience.

Our program is developmental in nature, which means that we recognize and respond to the various social, emotional and academic needs of children as they progress through school.

Prevention and crisis intervention are also integral aspects of the program. The specific goals for each grade level are clearly stated in our county curriculum guide. This guide may be viewed, upon request, in the counseling office. Your counselor also offers a variety of resource materials on a number of topics.

Major Components of our Program

Classroom guidance: This is provided for all students and is based on the Campbell County Counseling Curriculum. The purpose is education and skill building.

Individual counseling: Referrals for this service come from students, teachers, parents and administrators. If the concern is of a nature that would require counseling over an extended period of time or if it is a crisis situation, parents will be contacted. All services are confidential in nature.

Small group counseling: Groups will be offered on a variety of topics. Participation in groups is only possible with parental permission. Topics are based on the needs of the children and will be made known as the year progresses.

Consultation: This involves working with those in the child’s world who can offer assistance and resources as needed. This could include parents, teachers, administrators, and persons in outside agencies. Referrals and resources are a major service of our program.

Coordination: As the counseling program grows each year so does involvement in programs that benefit our school and community. Input for these programs comes from teachers and parents. Some of our pro-grams include peer mediation, Second Step, and Character Counts.

Susan Lowman,
Jan 30, 2015, 5:29 AM